Why choose Candid Med Solutions?

Candid Med Solutions is a customer-centric company. We understand and are familiar with ongoing changes within our healthcare system. We help with maximizing reimbursement claims to ensure financial health for provided services We can provide your organization greatest financial return through our services. We’re transparent, dependable and responsive to your needs. Our goal is to make your organization run smoother and efficient. Our exclusive focus is on the revenue cycle management and collects the maximum revenue for your organization. We have a strong team of billers, coders and A/R specialists.

Now sometimes customers ask how can you do all that with such low fees? A higher fee doesn’t mean better service. We have a plenty of clients who switched from companies that are charging very high rates and provide mediocre services. They have lots of executives and shareholders that get paid very high salaries. At Candid Med Solutions we are large enough to manage any type of organization, but we’re not blotted with unnecessary executives and we don’t have shareholders. We’re still a family owned business. Check out our Testimonials page to see what our client say about us.