We are providing
medical billing and
coding services as
low as 2.69%

Candid Med Solutions

Medical Billing and Coding as low as 2.69%

End-To-End Medical Billing & Coding Services. As we focus on quality, our billing services are reliable and will increase your revenue since we put a dedicated billing manager for your effective operations. Our experience and knowledge is our main source of an increase in our clientage every year. Candid Med Solutions specializes in strengthening the financial roots of Doctors by providing an excellent service. We offer following services with affordable business model at ease.

Charge Entry & Claim Submission

Candid Med Solutions offer End-To-End Medical Billing Services with complete piece of mind and hassle free. Intelligent billing provides innovative functionalities for automatic charge capture, clean claim checks, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, denial management, and financial reporting to help reduce errors and maximize revenue.

Patient Statements

After confirming appropriate payment from the payers if remaining balance is owed by patient. The statement will be generated with detailed explanation of the balance due.

Payment Posting

We posted the payments in the timely manner after receiving the ERA and EOBS. Our team will also verify each claim for appropriate posting.

Denial Management

The system automatically identifies and tracks denials and reasons for the denials, helping you to not only resolve them on time but also avoid them in the future. If denial occurs our well trained team will take appropriate action within 2-3 days.

Weekly/ Monthly Customized Reports

To make your practice smooth, we work on weekly or monthly customized analysis reports to make sure your account receivable is going good. We customized the reports based on the doctor request. Reports can be customized to suit customer specifications.


If you do not want any delay in our billing allow us to provide all credentialing services to you. Our credentialing experts will do this in the correctly and timely manner. Our team will help you in re-credentialing, address change, Tax ID registration and more.